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“Linda's writing is lyrical and film-like. She has something here that translates to gold dust and great storytelling. Her writing style is not flowery, nor overly embellished, but succinct and powerfully evocative. I'm excited to watch her journey as it evolves—one more string to her beautiful bow.”

Cosetta Lustig, President of Lustig Talent Enterprises Inc.

“Beautifully portrayed in poignant narrative, Lilia is a heart-wrenching coming of age set amidst the cruelties of a fascist Italy allied with the Nazis during WW2. Month after month and tragedy after tragedy, the plight of Lilia’s family worsens. Ganzini brilliantly depicts the turmoil and upheaval of a family caught in the cross hairs of the partisan/fascist conflict. But Lilia’s tender heart, broken time and time again by the betrayals and bloodshed of war, and a mother irreparably broken by loss, refuses to succumb, clinging fiercely to her dreams of finding true love and everlasting happiness. Lilia will possess your heart and linger on in your mind long after you finish the final chapter.”

Roxi Harms, Author of The Upside of Hunger.


“I was right there with you, pulled into the feelings, the curiosity, the prayer for relief. This idea of writing people’s lives forward so that they are never forgotten, and so their spirit can be felt, is like the greatest act of love to those who came before.”

Jeff Brown, Award-Winning Author, Writer, Filmmaker, and Publisher


“Your powerfully evocative and descriptive writing transported me back in time, to a world of uncertainty, where innocent people were stripped of their humanity, dignity and faith. And a time where bonds were strengthened to survive the unthinkable. Thank you for allowing readers to connect to your family’s past trials and tribulations in Northern Italy during WWII—events few know and talk about, especially our younger generation. This passionately written story will tear at your heartstrings and inspire the soul.”

—Elsa Zamparelli, Oscar-Nominated, and Award-Winning Costume Designer

“Linda’s story of her mother’s determined resistance to the tyranny of Fascism is as heart-warming as it is heart-tugging. It is a story of the strength and resilience of the human spirit even as it prevails over the cruelest monstrosities of hate, fear, and oppression. War is an anathema to the highest expression of the human heart. The story of Linda’s mother, and Linda’s journey in telling the story of her mother’s journey, is an important life-affirming lesson for us all.” 

—Valery Satterwhite, Author and Investigation Trainer 

When a writer writes from the heart and connects with the past, by bringing it poignantly into the present, then you have something very special. When you find yourself immersed, involved, intrigued by the true-life story of total strangers, told with a loving, evocative yet objective perspective, then you’ve been hooked.

Russ Kane, Author and BBC Broadcaster

I was astounded recently by a survey that showed two thirds of American Millennials (18 to 34 years old), did not know what Auschwitz was! This, in spite of what I feel has been a bombardment of literary, film, and documentary information over the years. Are we as a human society so anesthetized by what we see every day in the news and video games that suffering inflicted by us on each other just washes over us without even wetting? All the more reason that your story of Uncle Arturo and Flossenbürg needs to be told.

Ron Knight, Author

“You know what I love about your writing? The mastery you offer, and the humanity and tenderness with which you describe even the toughest and most terrible things. I couldn’t read any more stories about World War II for a really long time, until your excerpts from your soon-to-be novel, Lilia. Though heartbreaking, it’s full of real love and courage. Your dramatic, humorous, and sensitive writing style opened me up to read your story: despair, emptiness, fear, loss, anger—such a burden to bear. You are so brave to bring alive this story of your beloved ancestors—I admire both you and your mother. I can’t wait to read this book!” Artist, Czechoslovakia

“This hurts my heart. Beautifully penned. Achingly real.” Author, USA

“That was a brilliant sample of your work. I felt I was right there watching the horrible assault. You write beautifully, Linda. Great work." Author, Greece

“I can't wait to read the book! There are so many layers of love in this story, so much feeling! And I've only glimpsed a few snippets! It's alive!” Author, USA


“As difficult as it is, what you are doing is worthwhile. I know you feel it. Anyone that reads your posts and excerpts feels it too. You have an amazing talent and the story you are telling is powerful. You will touch many lives. You aren't even finished and you've touched mine. I'm anxiously awaiting Lilia! You are going to be wildly successful. Your writing talent is only matched by the heart you put into your family's story.” Author, USA

I felt this terrifying scene... how scary it must have been for those living through it in that time. It brings tears to my eyes. You're a brave soul...I can only imagine how difficult it must be to write it. But thank you! I love love love reading stories such as these.” Author, USA

“This is gripping. My stomach is in knots waiting to hear what happens next. Write on girl, we're waiting to turn the page.” Author, USA

My God, this cuts through to my heart. Absolutely brilliant writing. I can't praise you enough for writing this book. Ahh fighting back the tears here!” Author, USA

“Fantastic!!! I know I've said it so many times already, but I'll keep saying it! I can't wait to read the whole book, and the second and the third!” Author, Canada

“This is beautiful writing. I love it, love it, love it! Well done! It felt painful to the bring them to life in us. Thank you.” Author, USA

“Linda, you're creating a legacy with this book, and honoring those in your family who sacrificed so much. I can't wait to read this!” Author, UK

Utterly gripped reading this excerpt well written. I could see it all play out in my head. You're so talented.” Author, UK

“Oh my, your writing is so evocative, what a scene!” Author, UK

“Omg! Linda I cannot wait for this! My heart's powerful, so evocative. I want to read it NOW!” Author/Editor, UK

“My throat, my stomach, and my heart hurt. I kept thinking of my own sons. I cannot fathom this pain. Really great writing, Linda.” Author/Teacher, USA

“This is beautiful writing. Haunting.” Author, Australia

“Captivating and suspenseful!” Author, Italy

“Showing love rather than telling itAnother powerful excerpt. I can't wait to read the entire book.” Author, USA

“That last paragraph packs so much punch, especially after Maria's defiance. Truly, I can't wait to read this book!” Author, USA

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