Think about how far we'll be next year!

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

It's in our darkness we awaken to our brightest light.

Ever have days where you feel you’re taking one step forward and stumbling two steps back? For every peak, I climb down the valley I go.

Creativity can be a solitary practice. As a creative, I tend to live too much in my head. I begin to wonder if, with all my efforts, I’m going anywhere at all. Sometimes disappointment gets the better of me, as I reflect on all the impulsive risks I’ve taken over the years, and obsess over where I am in life, or where I should be by now. I know I have my share of blessings, and I am forever thankful for those, but the day-to-day experience of this thing called life can, at times, be confusing, challenging, and riddled with self-doubt—it feels like nothing changes.

And then, looking back at this photo below from seven years ago, I realized just how far I have come and the changes I’ve manifested – everything is different. Seven years ago, I was living in another country, never imagining I would build a new life in California and be surrounded by such amazing people. Nor did I believe I would write and record my first single, write the theme song for an upcoming film, and be writing my first novel. And yet here I am, exploring beautiful parts of myself I never knew existed.

If you ever feel you’re spiraling downwards, take a few minutes and reflect on the brave steps you’ve made, the lessons you’ve learned, and know you are in the exact place you are meant to be. It’s often in our struggles that we find our most authentic self and life purpose, and it’s in our darkness we are called to awaken to and embrace our soul’s brightest light.

I am profoundly grateful for this ever-changing, magical journey, and proud of the strength that continues to grow within. I’m also learning to silence the mind monkeys by becoming more patient, as divine timing, I believe, has a play in everything - trust the Universe.

The truth is winners embrace hard work; they persevere, sacrifice, love what they do, and fail until they succeed. I have had my share of failures, but continue practicing positive anticipation, a skill worth learning. I’m still learning. Let’s take those steps forward with pride and passion, on the upward spiral, grateful for each day. Think about how far we’ll be next year!


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